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Meg 428: Trail by Fire!

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Reading the above back, I meant to write "loving everything in the MEG"

Very strong Meg this month, droids. Sterling work.

Gorgeous Dredd one shot. Really liked the colours on the wings. Nice little story indeed with a very Dredd ending.

Megatropolis is just wonderful though. Some of the panels... the rain above the grey cityscape... particularly that shot straight up into the rain...  happy sigh.

Dreadnoughts is strong too, although not sure panel 2 needed quite such an obvious judge’s bottom shot while they’re putting pressure on that wound....  and the Returners worked really well this month with those huge panels.

Some great portrait work in Deliverance in some of the panels, I have to say. I also loved Whisper’s hesitance at being sent on a mission by himself... “Jussst me?” Fraid so, mate. Off you pop, there’s a good lad.

The Meg is great but can we talk about the floppy? Its billed on the wraparound as 'a bonus graphic novel inside' but its not is it? It's the umpteenth attempt to list the Tooth universe which, while very interesting, is a cop out (And has always fizzled out after a few editions too). Rebellion is groaning under the weight of fantastic strips and stories and we've been lumbered with a load of unsolicited bibble on a monthly basis instead. By all means put it somewhere online where it can be evolved and added to as time goes on but please... let's not bundle it with the Meg for the foreseeable, its not what the floppy is there for!

On the other hand - in the current climate it would be easier for Rebellion to fill the floppie with 'to hand' reprint files of things we have seen before than to commission the design droids to work the text provided and build legible, eye catching pages for the encyclopaedia.

Yes, we've had things like this before and yes the content will be out of date possibly before it is finished, but do not presume that this is being done because it is 'simple'.

Speaking with my small press hat on, this sort of thing is actually really hard to do well. I've not done a lot over the years but the mighty Amstor Computer gets all the praise for the work he puts into his design and building skills for the Hibernia editions.

Another thing to consider is that during the current apocalypse Rebellion will not be able to access the archive of files to make the necessary scans to present new work in anything like the quantity it would before.

The fact that Rebellion are not only maintaining a normal (mostly) publishing schedule but also presenting new works almost monthly is amazing and if TMO wants to present the encyclopaedia via the floppie, then who are we to question his verdant majesty?

Yeah, what Bolt said. Personally I'm the sort of list-maker/obsessive who loves the sort of thing the Encyclopedia is doing, although ultimately I'd prefer it to be an online resource that can be updated more efficiently. But it passes the time nicely as a floppy and I don't resent it for taking up space of other reprints. I think if it was every month I might, but alternating with other things feels right.


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