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: Hivemind Image Request - Prog 473 Cover
: Wils 08 June, 2009, 03:51:01 PM
As some of you would've seen in the 30th Anniversary Prog, Brendan McCarthy's cover for 473 is my all time favourite (as well as the lovely Malchi's). I'm wanting to have a lovely print in at least A3 of this for the wall (or even one of those huge canvas jobs), but scanning direct from the bog roll will only give really shitty results (awful pun intended, I'm afraid).

Does anyone know if there's a black line only version of this printed anywhere, that I can scan at high res and attempt the ridiculously hard job of recolouring to match the original? Even better would be if some lovely person at the House of Tharg could email me a high res version taken from the black film. ;)

Needless to say, this is just for a one-off for mine and Malchi's enjoyment alone.

: Re: Hivemind Image Request - Prog 473 Cover
: IndigoPrime 08 June, 2009, 04:12:39 PM
Given the nature of the colouring in that, I'd say just scan the image in at super-high-res and then extract the blacks yourself, if you're happy colouring. Two minutes got me a result that looks OK at half-size, so I dare say that with a little work you could get something acceptable.