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General / 1311 - The Scrap (No spoliers)
« on: 02 October, 2002, 01:11:51 AM »
Couldn't breathe I was laughing that hard.
Major, major kudos Mr Spurrier.


General / FAO : Uncle Ump - Judge's badge
« on: 05 September, 2002, 07:04:56 PM »
I can't seem to reply to the original thread for some reason.  

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. I'll definitely send it tonight. Do you want it in colour or b&w?


General / OT: 'Pint of the similar?'
« on: 04 September, 2002, 07:47:21 PM »
Just got this month's independant previews in my inbox, and was pleasantly surprised to see this.

by Milligan, Ewins, & Dillon

After a ten-year hiatus, Johnny Nemo is back! New London's ultra-violent private investigator of the future returns in a book crowded with junkies, fascists, scheming billionaires, and gorgeous women galore. How's a P.I. to cope with all this? By killing as many people as possible of course! Collecting seven rarely seen Nemo stories as well as a "Time for Nemo," a brand new story written especially for this collection! Nemo is old-fashioned mad, violent fun for the morally bankrupt degenerate in all of us.


SC, 7x10, 88pg, b&w ?10"

General / Prog 1305 - NO SPOILERS
« on: 19 August, 2002, 03:48:00 PM »
An extra special hats-off to Mr Rennie for making me shower my lounge with tea first thing this morning while reading this week's Dredd.



General / Today's sub. A thankyou.
« on: 02 July, 2002, 06:15:38 AM »
The doorbell rang this morning as I was getting ready for work, and on answering it saw a very pissed off postie with an C4 envelope in his mitt. The reason being that stamped on said envelope in huge capitals was 'DO NOT BEND'. After receiving my Meg in two halves last week it was great to have a relatively unadulterated subs copy through the post. Thanks guys.


General / Is this official?
« on: 28 June, 2002, 07:09:37 AM »
Been trawling through some websites looking for a new fascia and came across the one posted below. Is this knock-off or an official piece of mechandise? If it *is* official, how come it isn't in the shop?


Link: Nokia 3310 Dredd fascia (scroll down to Tv-Film

Website and Forum / Enter the muppet
« on: 17 April, 2002, 06:45:16 PM »
It's only been there a day and I've already managed to do doing bizarre to the polls page. Muppet.


Off Topic / Signs of schizophrenia
« on: 16 February, 2002, 10:48:14 PM »
A sure sign of schizophrenic tendencies is constantly replying to your own posts.


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