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Prog 2245 - Gun Shark!

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For all the car lovers 1958 Edsel Pacer from Sin/Dex:

That Terror Tale was really good!

Barrington Boots:
I also got a Saturday Prog... arriving just minutes before I went out the door to visit my brother for the weekend. Still a Saturday Prog though! Read it last night.

Mixed feelings on the cover - I like the concept with the car bursting out of the cover and I love the logo being shot up, but I'm less keen on the background. Kinda cool overall though.
Mixed feelings on the Prog, too!

Dredd - Lovely downbeat ending. This has been a very good Dredd: Dredd himself has always remained in control and the Justice Dept has been portayed in a very dark light, from Dan Francisco's brutal beating of the mutants to the horrific looking frame of the activist being interrogated last week and the other perps wife and kid being caught in the net and punished. It's been a very bleak tale - the NTWICJ interludes I thought initially would be relevant to the main story, then maybe were just some cool padding but in some ways they've been the darkest bit of the tale: as the Hyman family's tragedy builds thanks to Dredd, we finish on a lunatic shrieking with delight about the death of millions. Horrific stuff and a masterful Dredd.

Skip Tracer - all action this week, but we're too far gone really for this to be in any way interesting.

Dexter - Pretty terrible. I do like this artist though!

Terror Tale - cool little story this, and way better than last weeks, as has already been noted. Makes really good use of the format with a neat twist.

Aquila - continues to blaze it's way through hell with the enemies swiftly defeated in a gory blaze of action and a cool tease for the next series set up. Re-reading the whole thing, this had felt very old school in structure: very much written in episodic format, rattling along at speed with monsters and horrors thrown up and defeated one by one. The story hasn't blown me away but it's been an exciting read throughout and I'm looking forward to it coming back. Patrick Goddard's art for this has been phenomenal.


--- Quote ---very much written in episodic format
--- End quote ---
As it should be. It's all very well reading it all in one go in a graphic novel, but we have to read it weekly in the prog, and I'm quite happy that the writer has remembered that.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: broodblik on 16 August, 2021, 10:39:10 AM ---For all the car lovers 1958 Edsel Pacer from Sin/Dex:

--- End quote ---

I don't really do cars at all but that is a thing of beauty. For some reason I always assumed the fact that it had 'Edsel' written by that radiator thingie was a storytelling device so that folks knew when the 'Edsel' was refered nothin was crossing over with Matt Wagner's Mage*, and folks knew it was the car. Didn't realise it was a feature of the real thing.

*In the original 'Mage - Hero Discovered' there's a character called Edsel - I've often wondered if it was a coincidence, other whether Mage influenced Dabnet on his choice of car?


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