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Normal service will be resumed next month, with Tomwe's cracking theme, but I didn't feel like we could just press ahead as normal this month in light of the heart-breaking news about Dave.

So we're going to do something different.

This month, the theme is STRONTS.

Anything Strontium Dog related is fair game. We're not going to vote — I'm just going to leave the thread open until May 31st. Take as long as you like over your entry — if you want to use Dave's preferred medium of biro-on-Post-It, that's cool. If you want to give us some lovingly-rendered full colour wonder, that's cool, too, as is anything inbetween.

Not an artist? That's fine. If you want to write something, there's a place for that here, too. Doesn't have to be Stront-based — if you've just got something you want to share about Dave, share away.

At the end of the month, I'd like to gather everything together and see if we can't get a printed collection made up that I'm hoping some kind soul will forward to Dave's family. I can't imagine what they're going through, but I thought it might be nice for them to have some permanent record of how well-loved Dave was here.

Over to you, my friends.

Announcements / Re: Dave Evans, R.I.P.
« on: 07 May, 2021, 02:06:12 PM »
Tried to find some words. They don't do justice either to the measure of the man, or the enormity of the loss, but I had to try. I can't think of words I've ever wanted to write less, but needed to write more. Dave Evans — RIP

Off Topic / Re: challenge yourself!
« on: 07 May, 2021, 09:33:51 AM »
The keto diet continues… that's 6.6kg (14.5lb) off since I started it on March 1st. Should be under 80kg (roughly 12.5st) in the next week or so, which has been a target weight that's eluded me by some margin on every other diet I've tried… and I've tried a few.

The diet's a bit of a faff, TBH. If my wife wasn't a) happy to do the diet as well, and b) working from home, making it practical to plan, prepare and cook three meals a day, then I don't think we could have managed it. But, clearly, it does work.

(Also, fortunately, I've never had a sweet tooth — we've never kept biscuits, chocolates or sweets in the house, nor sugary soft drinks. If you've got a more sugar-heavy diet, be aware that sugar withdrawal in the first week or so can be a complete sonofabitch.)

So I think I've been very lucky and avoided serious damage. Again, really appreciate your good wishes.

Good news, sir. Best wishes for a continued recovery.

...and then you went to the hospital?

I think that would be a very good idea. Wishing you the fullest and speediest of recoveries, JBC.

Do you have a screen shot of that?

I have a screenshot of the time (or the time that I’m aware of) that he did it to me, yes. But he, and the jolly little crew he hangs out with, do it all the time. They think it’s ‘edgy’ and ‘darkly humorous’ to compare people to Jimmy Savile or imply they should be on a sex offenders register. It’s not.

Turns out I'm the bigger idiot - I rattled the narcissist's cage and now he's stalking me IRL.

A man who thinks it's funny to call routinely people paedophiles on public forums turns out to be deeply creepy, sad little man? I'm shocked by this development. Shocked, tell you.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 06 May, 2021, 11:51:12 AM »
vaccines (of which I, btw, ain't taking for now).

That's the end of this conversation for me.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 06 May, 2021, 09:28:36 AM »
Don't know who the nobody is, as I firmly remember people bleating online:"omg, we'll be sealed off the Europe, with the limit of movement to other countries severely imposed, that Tories would bend the country to their will" and so on.

That's hardly "North Korea" is it? And UK expats (immigrants to everyone else) are already complaining about loss of their residential status in EU countries and having to come back to the UK, UK travellers have complained about having to use the non-EU queues at immigration — it's only the fact that the pandemic has all but stopped international travel that's kept this from being a major issue on the front pages of the tabloid (although obviously framed as a nefarious EU plot to victimise the UK).

It's only been five months since Brexit actually happened, and the Tories are already floating ideas of employment "reform" (transl: stripping all the EU employment rights out of UK legislation), ending judicial review, bringing back the death penalty. Wait until the pandemic is behind us (whenever the fuck that will be) and see what further legislative gems they have in store…

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 06 May, 2021, 07:10:55 AM »
Speaking of Brexit, or better to say, criticism of it, I hate it when people acted as if it something apocalyptical, in that UK would be sealed off, becoming like N. Korea.

Nobody. Nobody on the Remain side said that. Unlike the Leave side, which repeatedly said that we would retain all the benefits of Freedom of Movement, the Single Market and the Customs Union… plus that £350M/wk for the NHS, literally none of which turned out to be true.

The Remain side did say that businesses would leave the UK for the EU to retain those benefits if we didn't keep them, which has happened and is continuing to happen, that Brexit wouldn't do a damn thing to help the UK fishing industry, would be a disaster for the creative arts, that loss of freedom of movement would impact EU-resident expats, that there would be no £350M/wk for the NHS, and that there was no form of hard Brexit that was compatible with maintaining the Good Friday Agreement. All of which did turn out to be true.

Prog / Re: Prog 2230 - Takin' Care Of Business
« on: 05 May, 2021, 09:22:47 AM »
they arent going to do anyhting to get the real story?

Given that this story clearly isn't entirely done, I have no problem inferring that Dredd and Buell may have decided that now is not the time for this fight. If that doesn't turn out to be the case, I think the criticism is fair, but I'm happy to reserve judgement* for now.

*You see what I did there?

Prog / Re: Prog 2230 - Takin' Care Of Business
« on: 05 May, 2021, 08:41:22 AM »
This auto-correct is so arcane I can't even work out what it was supposed to  be.

Half day closing, obvs. You know what these rural towns are like.

« on: 02 May, 2021, 09:00:09 AM »
Sorry for the delay getting these votes tallied and the results posted… it's been quite a week.

Annnnyway, finally it's time to announce the winners of the thoroughly thrill-charged third Unofficial Sketch Competition!


Colin YNWA #4

In SECOND PLACE, we have…

Dark Jimbo

And, by a whisker, the WINNER is…

Tomwe #2

Congratulations to all our worthy winners, to everyone who contributed so many fantastic entries, and to all of you who took the time to grapple with the impossible task of picking their favourites and casting their votes.

Take a bow, Tomwe, and bask in the radiant glory of your well-deserved win. I'll pop you a PM shortly so we can get your prizes sent to you, and I'd ask you to pop your thinking cap on and consider a theme for competition #4, which will be along in the next few days…

Film & TV / Re: The Mandalorian
« on: 01 May, 2021, 05:16:52 PM »
In news I somehow missed, Cory Doctorow reports that Disney reached agreement with Alan Dean Foster, and he has now been paid. Their exploitative shenanigans with regard to other creatives continue, but we should note what victories (and precedents) there are.

This is good news, albeit in a limited and specific way, that I’d also missed. Thanks for the update, TB. Here’s hoping Disney can be persuaded to drop their shitweasel tactics across the board… although I’m not holding my breath.

General / Re: Mega City Book Club - a new podcast about 2000AD books
« on: 28 April, 2021, 06:21:13 PM »
Paul Trimble from the Enniskillen comic fest is my guest to discuss the brutal and uncompromising Darkie's Mob by John Wagner and Mike Western. Not a comic for the faint hearted.

Another cracking episode. I've ordered a copy of that Titan hardcover now, so my bank balance and creaking bookshelves probably aren't as appreciative as I am. :)

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