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Exclusive!! You heard it here first!!!

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Hey Wake, why not dig out some Goobledegook the goblin strips as well.

Yes, actually I do remember Thrud. That's pretty cool.

(who never shopped in Games Workshop)

yeah, i used to play all that before i discovered sport and women.  blood bowl was the best.

i once went in a comic shop with my girlfriend, and i know what you mean.  The staff looked well confused.

Fifty (who no longer shops in comic books because he lives in Japan and has to get everything over the internet.)

O Lucky Stevie!:
this is perhaps the singlemost amazing posting i have ever read on this board.

congratulations, matt!

steven l'enfant terrible

Steven, I think it's time that I shared my girlfriend in a comic shop experience. I had taken my then girlfriend  to Nostalgia & Comics in Sheffield. This used to be the coolest hang out in the world, before comic shops decieded that selling Star Trek Voyager figures & Buffy posters was much better than actually selling any comics. At this time people like Dean Ormston and Nick Percievel used to either work there or just hang out (I never worked out which). This place was comic chic. Anyway I went in with my girlfriend, hoping she would too feel the coolness of the place & finally stop taking the piss out of my obsession of putting my 2Kad collection in card backed comic bags. I was browsing the latest imports when her voice cut loud & clear over the whole shop, "Matt, look they've got a Moonwalker comic". I turned around to discover that she was waving a comic adaption of the said same film. Oh the shame. I wanted to die. I can still the laughs of the customers as I left the store without buying a sodding thing. I swore I would never take a girl to a comic shop again. Mind you, even that cannot beat the horror that was taking your mum into a comic shop....



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