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Been subscribed for close to 2 years now and so its time to jump on here and talk some 2000AD with some like minded folks. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Tharg fills your stockings with gifts designed to thrill.

Be Well

Judge Nutmeg:
Judge Nutmeg reporting for duty

Hi, long time reader, first time poster :)

Richmond Clements:
Welcome. That was quick! I only approved you about an hour or so ago!

Sideshow Bob:
Hi All,
I'm new to all this stuff, although I've been a reader for a while I thought I'd better introduce myself..

I'm a long time 2000AD reader,  which have then led me into other Comics and Graphic novels,  which then led me into collecting artwork,  then collecting figures...etc, etc... It's a slippery slope once you start on it and somehow no matter how much you get it never seems to be enough......Coz there is always something great out there !!.......I blame the Internet ( and eBay )....

As I write this, I'm waiting for delivery of a 3A 1/6 scale Mongrol from America....Why ??....Well I saw several photos of him in other threads here,  and it looked just AWESOME !!  and I just couldn't believe how I managed to miss it when it came out in the shops... I realise it would have only been in a few select shops but it honestly completely passed me by..........My Mongrol has just arrived in Britain yesterday ( 8th ),  and now I'm like a kid again, desperate for him to arrive, to see him and unpack him.  He will have pride of place ( along with my MegaHeroes Dredd statue ) in my guitar room....

Cheers to you all, and hope to contribute to some threads soon...I've already 'met' some of you via ComicArt Fans website....Bob


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