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Y'know what really grinds my gears?

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Blimey! That long ago? Not feeling old at all now, lol. Thanks for the info, Sheridan.  :)

Dark Jimbo:

--- Quote from: sheridan on 08 June, 2022, 04:43:44 PM ---
--- Quote from: paddykafka on 21 April, 2022, 04:27:20 PM ---I seem to recall a Judge Dredd story, in which one of the Cits made a living, from charging company's for bills that she sent them (or something along those lines)?

--- End quote ---

...the megacitizen in question invoiced large companies but didn't specify what the invoice was for.  Technically not illegal, though Dredd was not impressed.

--- End quote ---

Paid With Thanks:

As she explains to Dredd, she charges for the invoice itself, because charging them for nothing would be illegal.

p.s. yesterday's post brought me to this thread and while I was scrolling down I came across the Paid With Thanks mention, but neglected to say anything about the post that highlighted the thread.

I know the NHS is under strain, but that's still shameful behaviour - try contacting PALS?  Contact details will no doubt be on numerous posters throughout the hospital.

The Doctor Alt 8:
I have just had to send this letter to a senior council member:

Dear Mr/Ms Roman,


Yesterday (Wednesday 29th June) the above property was visited by two cleaners from the Nu Look company per arrangements previously agreed. They stayed for less than two hours. (12:45 to 2:30). However this is the least of my complaints as by the time they has finished I was glad to see them leave.

   I previously stated in prior E Mails how I considered the last cleaning less than competent as it simply constituted of a woman shoving things into laundry bags without any kind of system or order for 6 hours for which we were charged £480
   These two men proceeded to do EXCACTLY THE SAME THING. Only they are using black garbage bags which are considerably less durable.

When I spoke to the Nu Look representative who surveyed our home I was assured that this would NOT happen... that our household goods would be packed carefully into boxes that would be labelled with the contents, clearly this did not happen. Things... Anything was again shoved into bags and one box .

   There is also the attitude of the cleaners. 4 TIMES I had to tell one cleaner not to touch my computer set up. When I returned from the toilet I found that my PC monitor was disconnected and "packed away" with other household items without anything protecting the screen. That is NO WAY to treat a LED screen. Especially as the PC was turned ON.

I repeated told both of them NOT to touch anything on the table. Items from the table were dumped into a box including things used on a daily basis such as my mirror... my hairbrush and my medications. Electrical equipment such as my sidelight and electric toothbrush chargers were disconnected and packed away. The cover from the back of my chair has been removed and I have yet to find this or my covid face masks. Do these people not have any common sense? I have to watch a cleaner like a hawk to stop them from doing something stupid only to have the other one I can't keep an eye on do something stupid behind my back!

My mothers medications were also slung into a borrowed laundry bag.

And then to cap it all one of the cleaners asked "Why don't you smile?"  I didn't reply but I will leave it to your imagination what I was thinking.

I was phoned up by Helen Dudley after I called my mother and told her how annoyed I was with what was happening. Ms Dudley's response  was "I know it must be aggravating but just try to work with them. We need to get your mother home". Considering that since this current stay she has now contracted a severe chest infection and has had diarrhoea for over 12 days and the reason for removing my mother from the home was because you considered her to be "vulnerable" it is abundantly clear she would have been better off remaining where she was.

This is not an acceptable response. How pray tell can I expected to work with people who seem to lack common sense and willfully defy clear instructions? How can I have any confidence in a cleaning company that says that they will take care of our property and will box and label items and then proceed not to do so. How can I trust a company who sends people for two random hours apparently as an afterthought? These people were contracted to work for 2 days. Are these two hours supposed to constitute a days work? When they return on Friday will they again only work for two hours and then call the contract fulfilled?

I am understandably extremely concerned with this quite frankly unprofessional behaviour and when these people return I will have a friend with me inside the house with a camera to act as an additional witness. Be assured that if it wasn't for this being a condition for my mothers discharge from hospital I would not allow these people entry at all and I consider it disgusting that the council is funding this company to the tune of over £1,700.

I await your response and should I not find it satisfactory I will be contacting my M.P Mr Steve Reed OBE.

                   Yours Sincerely,

                                                                                     Miss Roberta C  Roe.


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