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Coincidentally, the "memories" thingy on Facebook informed me yesterday that it was exactly ten years ago that I won the Bronx Warriors Trilogy box set via a competition in 2000ad.

If you're wondering why you've never heard of Bronx Warriors 3, it's because there isn't one. The third DVD is "The New Barbarians" which has nothing to do with Bronx Warriors plot-wise and is inferior in pretty much every way. I still haven't watched all of that one 'cos I got bored half way through.

Ooooh and I note that Bronk Warriors is on YouTube - excellent

Might have to give it a few days to let my other half recover from last nights "classic".

The Doctor Alt 8:
Have you guys ever heard of MSTK 3000? (Mystery Science Theatre 3000?) Wonderfully awful movies.... all with added Crow and Tom Servo. 


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