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Hiya Toys Judge Dredd range?

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I watched someone review the recent RoboCop figure from Hiya on YouTube and have to say I was very impressed with the detail and the amount of articulation for something so diminutive.
Gives me hope for any 2000AD range.
The Alien and Predator figures look pretty cool too.
I've splashed out on previous Dredd/AD figures in the past, including the ones from ReAction, 3A even the Marvel Legends ones, but a new manufacturer of 2000AD merchandise on the scene is most welcome and worth supporting, especially if we want more in the future.  :)

Here's the Hiya RoboCop review I mentioned. :thumbsup:

Dash Decent:
3A almost got Johnny Alpha out the door.  Such a pity they didn't.  There were some left-of-field choices in what they did but everything looked superb.  The big Dredd is practically definitive.  Getting Fear & Mortis and the Lawmaster were all brilliant.  Sam Slade was an interesting choice but as I say, a perfect representation.  I would've loved to pick up Judge Fish and der Gronk but they were too much for me.

I also wish they sold accessories.  I would have liked Dredd's cloak but couldn't go to getting the Apoc Dredd after already punting on big Dredd.

I guess they have to go for what sells, so I don't blame them for doing Death and probably following it up with Dredd, but I really hope they can go further with the line.  Even if it's just a Sov Judge in cloak to go against Dredd.


--- Quote from: Dash Decent on 02 August, 2021, 07:46:56 AM ---but I really hope they can go further with the line.  Even if it's just a Sov Judge in cloak to go against Dredd.

--- End quote ---

Pretty sure 3A cancelled the whole 2000AD series in JUL 2018 and later on in AUG 2019, Ash/3A company split from Kim/ThreeZero and then ceased business altogether.
Have read online rumours of a 3A rebirth using their licensed robot figures.
So like any new 1/12 releases from ReAction, Legendary Comic Book Heroes or Mezco, chances are slim to none.  :(

I see HIYA TOYS have pre-orders for 2 x 1/18th versions of the ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER (US/Meg spelling and $299 USD price = oww!) from the ALIENS movie.
They did produce a 1/18 RIPLEY'S LOADER (final scenes from ALIENS) that was $79.99 USD.
Very popular and sold out quickly but just like 3A collectors suffered, only available for high prices from scalpers online, if you did not pre-order early from HIYA to secure one.
Grud damned expensive hobby.
Which gives hope to HIYA potentially releasing Mek's or vehicles in the future.
Sentenoids? Hov-tanks? Manta's? or ALL of the original ABC WARRIORS including MekQuake? (if it was 3A they would be teasing with a prototype of JUSTICE-1 priced at $666 USD).
 :) :D ;) :P :o :lol:

edit: Fairly sure 3A re-visited MONGROL and RO-JAWS during the 1/12 re-launch, so add them to the list of released 2000AD fig's in 1/6 and 1/12.
Right at the end 3A also teased a re-scaling of THARG prototype, complete with polystyrene cups in 1/12 scale  :P

HIYA also has a pretty nifty looking DREDD ripoff Robocop's ED-209 with sound (??YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY?? pew pew pew) for pre-order at $49.99 USD.


If they can do him, then a HAMMERSTEIN should not be all that difficult.


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