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Battle Action Special 2022

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They're not in Forbidden Planet, London. They're in Gosh! Comics on a high shelf where customers can see but not reach them, because they're not actually going to start selling them until Saturday for some event (a signing I suppose). The website only has the John Higgins cover but I want the other one. Fuck it, I'll wait a month then look on eBay.

Leigh S:
yeah,  I looked in both Nostalgia (which doesnt seem to stock any Rebellion magazines any more) and FP, which had had a sort around and again, couldnt find any mags. 

did manage to get the Monster Fun Summmer Special from SMiths though

I see the non-webstore exclusive version is also sold out on the webstore you can still get the webstore exclusive version from the webstore

Apparently you can pre-order it from FP here: https://forbiddenplanet.com/posts/forbidden-planet-tv-garth-ennis-revives-battle-action/?utm_source=footer

Got my copy today- it’s a thing to behold! I got the Higgins cover, looks awesome IRL esp with the spot varnish.


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