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Sideshow Vote II: You are my second favorite son, son

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Judging by my shelves, it’d be a toss-up between Dark Horse, Titan  and Image. I’d say Dark Horse edges it.

How about Shift?

But I guess it’s more a reprint vehicle for stuff that has appeared in the elsewhere before.

I only read 2000AD. I’ve not even heard of some on that list. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like any of it, just that life’s too short and there’s other things to read/watch/do. Same reason I don’t subscribe to most of the streaming platforms - there’s just too much out there and I can get enough entertainment from the few channels that I do watch.

Funt Solo:
There are other publishers?


--- Quote from: Funt Solo on 06 July, 2022, 06:21:11 PM ---There are other publishers?

--- End quote ---

Someone spread a vicious rumour, we must nip in the bud


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