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someone agree with me here..........

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.........that Frazer Irving is the best thing to happen to this hallowed read in many a moon.Necronauts and A Love Like Blood were two of the best thrills through all of 2001, in my humble opinion and having read Storming Heaven, it just looks cooler than cool. Long may the Man rule.........

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Listen if you're Frazer's mum, just say so.


I'm Frazer's mum, and so's my wife.

Frazer is indeed very good, but of all the recent newcomers I prefer Henry Flint and Jock.


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Actually Henry isn't such a newcomer.
He drew some Rogue Trooper stories in the mid 90's.
I'll try to find out more details if you like.

scojo searching his comic vault

That pin up by Frazer of Judge Dredd has got me itching for the story roll on 2002 guys.


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