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Hey Paulvonscott, what do you think of prog 2002??


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I was just wondering as you rarely buy a prog, what do you think of this week's Prog 2002?

Sarcasm is hard to convey over the net, isn't it?:O))


Nightmare, nowhere local has it and today my car is getting fixed at the garage (nothing to serious thank Grudd).  Hopefully tomorrow I can go to the big city and pick up a copy.  I have the same sort of excitment I used to get, so I'm really looking forward to it.  There seems to be some new stuff, and I'm hoping I like some of it, cos it seems a bit sad if I only like the old strips.  Anyway, will let you know!

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Excuses, excuses!


Well, once my car was fixed, I got a lift to a nearby necropolis, despite having problems getting there and back due to the hideous radioactive snow that lies in my village.  I think it was radiactive, it was yellow anyway.  Then Smiths didn't have it and I trudged around from shop to shop looking for it.  Ghastly experience.

Anyway I eventually got it and it was pretty good.  I'm glad to see Bad Company wasn't just a one off (is it back in the new year) and we might have a decent end to the strip.  Shakara looked good, Henry Flint could make a pile of dung look exciting with his McMahon/O'neill hybrid art.  I enjoyed just about everything else apart from Sinister Dexter which was as blood congealing as ever.

I will even be buying the next issue of 2000AD it seems as there will be at least two stories I want to read.


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