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Bolland for 25th year prog.

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Thread Zero:
I know this is gonna sound really unoriginal but I'd love to see a six page Brian Bolland Dredd story for 2k's 25th prog.

Rebellion, I order you to get on the phone or email and persuade Brian to pick up his ink brush and start drawing Dredd's granite jaw again.

scojo who has a Brian Bolland Dredd pillow case

I totally agree. Bolland is a master Dredd artist. It would be great to entice him out of retirement for this special issue. It wouldd be great to have some other special one-off stories drawn by their definitive artists, such as: Rogue Trooper by David Gibbons, Slaine by Glenn Farby and of course Strontium Dog by Carlos Ezquerra! Any others for this wish list?

esoteric ed:
Bolland's Dredd for the 25th Anniversary prog, what a wonderful thought!


Thread Zero:
Well if it happens, thank me!!:O))))))


Leigh S:
There is a 10 page jam strip, so maybe he might put in one page worth - it's unlikely though...

The Dredd story for prog 1280 (the 25th Birthday Prog) sounds good though:

'Leaving Rowdy', where Dredd hands over his apartment in Rowdy Yates Block to Rico - should be another Wagner tear-jerker!!


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