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Ok we have a great thread for 2000ad artwork that you own , this is a thread for other comics , but keep it only to British artist ......does not  matter where it was published ...

to start here's David Hitchcock page from Zombies 2 a British graphic novel ...

Nice! Here's my favourite non-2000AD page - Johnny Nemo by Mr Brett Ewins:

Steven Sterlacchini:

Cam Kennedy - Boba Fett.

I'd give my eye-teeth for an original page of Cam's art… and that Johnny Nemo page has my favourite line from the whole run in Deadline: "That's quite a long sentence. For me." Milligan genius.



Not completely comic art, but I've a collection of 100+ animation cels and backup art from Akira. Twas a former hobby of mine...as addictive and expensive as collecting 2000AD stuff!

Gallery over here.


Some of my favs

Edit - ah crap! Seems they're too big and get cut off. Ah well, lets you see some of the detail I guess!


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