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2000AD Prog 443: Respect the Badge – Fear the Gun! Dread the Man!

The origin story of the Goonie Bird, the end of the original run of Slade, Von Richmann loses his head over Bad Jack leaving the arena, Robin 'Psmith' Smith also leaves, though not for long.


2000AD Prog 444: Welcome Home, Rogue! “Any last requests?” “Yeah… MISS!”

Purity's flashback, Candida's flashback, now it's the turn of Thoth and Satanus!  Mystery hands are going to make Rogue war.  Judge Dredd: I am the... love?  The Mean Team go on the run and being psychic isn't all it's cracked up to be.

2000AD Prog 445: Johnny and Wulf Get Nailed! “Scratch two dogs!”

"No, I AM your brother!" as we say a temporary goodbye to Nemesis and a longer goodbye to Termight.  Peace in our time on Milicom.  The Mega-Citizenry takes the fall.  Security Pods chase the Mean Team through the skies of Artificon.  Alpha and Sternhammer are back - but for how long?  It's time for the Ragnarok Job!


2000AD Prog 446: Messerschmitts in the Mega-City! “Himmel! This isn’t Stalingrad!”

Young Alpha accepts the missino to save the Earth, even if it means saving everybody's lives, Bad Jack is determined to go to Earth, even if they have to kill to get there.  The second world war ends - in the twenty second century!  What to do with a robot butler?  At the Souther / Nort peace pact, aliens attack!

Better kick-start the prog slog blog as it's the 45th anniversary of Prog 1 this week!

2000AD Prog 447: Adventure Gaming Gets Thrill-Powered! You are Sláine in Tomb of Terror!

2000AD salmon leaps on to the 1980s fantasy gaming craze with Sláine, technology fails on Earth, but only when relevant to the plot, ugly lives in Mega-City One, home life with Wulf and goodbye to Azure.


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