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Prog drought!

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Leigh S:
Has anyone else had a problem with their progs?

I am three saturdays down without a prog, coinciding with my Annual Subscription being taken at the start of the month - contacting Subs and they have put me on hold until Friday on the proviso that post can be three weeks delayed, but it seems to me that this is not normal!

I went out and bought 2201 last week, but no 2202 or 2203 as yet... If nothing turns up tomorrow, tempted to buy 2202 before it goes off the shelves and just ask for my sub to be pushed forward a couple of weeks.

I seem to recall having to get in touch with Subs last year with my annual renewal not "sticking", but they fixed it pretty quickly that time....anyone else have similar problems?

I subscribed for the first time last week. I got a couple of subscriber gifts sent out to me but have yet to receive prog 2202. I was planning on sending an email tomorrow if nothing turns up.

Doesn't look as if anyone has 2203 yet.

My sub failed to renew because my payment card had expired, but mail delivery has been so random since lockdown I hadn't noticed - I had only just decided I'd better call when they emailed me. That nice chap at Rebellion is backdating it and sending me a bundle of missed progs - just in time for my week off work!

Leigh S:
I know for sure my £170 was taken 1st October, so it is pretty galling - I'm presuming the year ran out before the 1st October, but as they didnt take until then, it created a gap with prog 2201 and that has knacked my sub up (as I seem to recall happened last year) - why it is any different to the monthly sub I don't know (not had any gifts either, though I saw some advertised a few progs back?). 

I've just had a "how did we do?" email re the customer service... not sure yet!

Now you mention it, the gifts I got were "2019 Subscription" ones, not the badges that were advertised.


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