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Prog drought!

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It has to be localised regional problems, with staff issues or other factors impacting on deliveries. Letterbox post here is still slightly wobbly, but far more reliable than it was during the early days of COVID. But there are times when mail has clearly been ‘stacked’ (the odd week where we suspiciously get ten items on a single day, after days of nothing). But the Prog is regular, usually showing up on a Monday. So this can’t be a Tharg thing.

Leigh S:
No prog still

I;d think it was local, but my bills are all turning up like clockwork!

Possibly its not local but somewhere in the chain that all my other post doesnt encounter? 

As I say, a more paranoid person would link the fact this all started after I slagged Tharg's recent output (the next prog I received as actually absolutely ground into pieces - wasnt even in a "sorry we have destroyed this post" bag! ) 

The Monarch:
hmm no prog for me. its been a while since i had no prog

Barrington Boots:
I suspect it's a localised issue but further up the chain than the local post office.
I can't see it changing now tbh. It's kept me pretty much off the review thread, both reading and writing, which might be a blessing for people who don't like reading my ill-informed thoughts.


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