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Alright, stop giggling at the back there, I mean his head wear.
Is there a standard number of grills to the portcullis of Sid's skid lid?

Also, should the trim of the helmet be red like the not-so-naughty judges, or should it be grey?

I have a sticks and string project in mind, and I want to try and get the details right so it can look as accurate as a knitted item can.


I had a scan through Google images and...

The original design has Eight,
Most of the images had Nine,
The odd one had Ten.

Nine was the most consistent in the few I looked at.


Funt Solo:
List of all his appearances and posters and whatnot, here.

That was incredibly helpful. Thank you, both of you, for this information.

Much obliged. 😊

Ta!  For background, we have a life-size hallowe'en skeleton which is currently wearing a Judge helmet* and Rackle called them Judge Death the other day, which prompted me to ask whether she'd be up to knitting a Death helmet!

* Mega-City One Justice Department variety


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