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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Blunt vs Middenface McNulty Rd 1 Heat 86

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Colin YNWA:
Uhh I'm really not sure here... which way is this one going? Well last minute votes today could change it all anyway. Pop them in today and I'll count up in the morning.

Blunt. Not a great strip for me, but far better than Middenface.

Middenface. Still waiting for the reprint so I can relive the late Steve Whitaker's wonderful colours over John McCrea's glorious line art.

Colin YNWA:

SO CLOSE! I mean damn. Let me be honest there was one vote in it and if the vote had been tied I'd have used my casting vote to put the loser through. On that basis we learn a couple of things. Both these thrills are admired, or maybe loathed in almost equal measure. Second the impact David Bishop has on things, in my mind we at least in part, owe him the modern Prog and his last minute votes decide things in the tourney. His vote for

Middenface McNulty

send that series into Round 2.

Putting my thumb on the scale.


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