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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Go-Machine vs Mercy Heights Rd 1 Heat 87

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Mercy Heights

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
mercy heights

There are a few episodes of Mercy Heights that are really very good, but both series end up going off the boil once the actual plot starts to take over. Go Machine's only crime is that it's so very short, we don't get enough.

I'm voting against 2000AD's second-best medical soap opera, and in favour of it's best 'televised future MMA' drama: Go Machine.

Blue Cactus:
Mercy Heights

Funt Solo:
The first ever Tharg's 3riller (that didn't even realize it was one) vs. the GI-teasing hospital in space that's somehow a perpetual war zone ...

... it's gotta be Mercy Heights, innit.

(Perhaps if there'd been a sequel: Go-Go Machine?)


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