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Colin YNWA:
Some of this is getting covered in another thread BUT I'd typed it up in preparation so I'll post it anyway and be damned.

Well the last ties are up, all we can do now is wait for the results to come in and prepare for Round 2 to start. Round 1 was a frankly brutal and bruising 87 ties, took 12 weeks (with a week off for X-mas) - as long as some of our shorter tourneys in total.

Round 2 is going to make that look like it was nursery slopes as it's actually bigger - gulp.

There are 256 Thrills - 87 Round 1 winners and 149 Thrills that got a bye in that round, 90 as they are Premier League Thrills and 59 by luck of the draw.

Meaning 128 ties.

I estimate with a fair wind behind us that it will take us 16 weeks and we’ll be done… that should take us into early Mayish if we start now…

…but that would be ridiculous right… I mean starting now, that would be madness. We all need a break from this nonsense…

See you Monday.

Meanwhile, here are the results from Round 1, (in blocks of ten)...





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