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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Round two

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Thanks Broodblik!
More to follow on Monday, when the results from the last Heats are in...

Luck of the draw, of course, but a few Quality Thrills have already fallen, and a few stinkers have crawled through...

Lost thrills that I think are worth anyone's time to read:
Scarlet Apocrypha (and you don't have to have read much Durham Red to appreciate it, either)
Young Middenface
Stone Island
Project Overkill
Angel Zero
Tiger Sun, Dragon Moon
Night Zero

Trooper McFad:
Firstly, Colin well done so far on the epic thrills competition. Do you have a day job? 😂😂😂

Second, Alex that too is some breakdown of round 1 and it’s good to see the pictures of the character face offs

Well done guys looking forward to round 2 hopefully I can vote on more that I have actually remember or read 😳.

Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: Trooper McFad on 14 January, 2022, 09:25:40 AM ---Firstly, Colin well done so far on the epic thrills competition. Do you have a day job? 😂😂😂

--- End quote ---

Seriously what I do is nothing, nothing compared to that whole new level of brilliance that AlexF has shared. Running this is generally super easy, barely an inconvenience. Just a hour or two at weekends - and not even all of those) to get things typed up, most of which is copy and paste, to mix it up with the typos. I'm enjoying this one more than just about any of the others I've done before.

As for AlexF, folks have decribed it as 'Awesome' - those summary images are tight, I think it goes beyond awesome and Tharg needs to be looking at this for a feature in the next X-Mas bumper prog on the basis of the glory of what AlexF is doing. Its really brought it to life!

Misread Round 26 as Necronauts vs Time Quiche.

Funt Solo:
AlexF - that is some fine, fine work.


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