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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Killer vs Blackhawk Round 2 Heat 02

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I'll be left with a "Daddy or Chips" dilemma if I have to choose between him and Aquila at a future tourney.

Don’t recall Killer, but Blackhawk was always ace.

Funt Solo:
Two gladiators battle it out! Madoc Blade vs. Black Hawk!

Blackhawk yells "Look out, Madoc - there's a Kraakhan Fear-Beast behind you!" Madoc, rather dim-witted, glances around, leaving the way open for Blackhawk to skewer him through his mouth grille. As his life blood pumps out onto the stadium floor, his motorized pizza-cutters grind slowly to a stop.

Ghordle and, indeed, mardle.

Link Prime:
Not a huge fan of either, but Blackhawk.

A thrill I have absolutely no memory of, versus one of the most memorable thrills ever.

No contest: Blackhawk all the way.


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