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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Low Life vs. Nemesis and Deadlock Round 2 Heat 03

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Colin YNWA:
Welcome to Round 2, week 1 . This is where things get really interesting. All the big hitters are in the draw and let me tell you there are some ties coming up that will get the hearts racing and the camera’s out for live coverage. They will cover acres of print on the back pages. There are also ties that will barely get mentioned on their local radio news summary. Week 1 however does feel a little like a warm up however. It hasn’t got any of the high profile draws I hoped it might to kick us off, but it does start to hint at what's to come…

Today brings the biggest ties of the week I’d suggest. First off a modern(ish) favourite that had a number of lead characters as it developed. Coming up against a mystery whodunnit that started life as a vehicle for two lead characters (and you could say didn’t live up to the quality of either). Which gets under your cover?

Low Life - more info


Nemesis and Deadlock - more info

Just reply in this thread naming your favourite thrill of these two series at the beginning of your post (or use Bold tags so I can spot it easily) and say what you like about these wonderful stories after that.

Match ends early on the morning of Friday 21st January  and the winner gets a place in Round 3 (of 9!!!).

What on Earth is ALL of this?

For those that need ‘um and can be bothered to follow ‘um there’s some simple rules

Any questions, just ask as ever - and have FUN!

Low Life.

Because it gave us Trifecta.

Low Life - because it's consistently good and got better and better as it went along.
Pausing to acknowledge that I did love the idea of a murder mystery with Nemesis and Deadlock as detective partners, but did not love it as much when it turned out to be a genereal skewering of various concepts of magic, while still basically saying "my magick is better than yours, nyah nyah."

Nemesis and Deadlock both had finer hours than in their joint series, although Carl Critchlow's art was great. Low Life gave us numerous ongoing characters and threads for Dredd, and Frank is a brilliant creation.

Low Life.

Nemesis and Deadlock


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