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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Low Life vs. Nemesis and Deadlock Round 2 Heat 03

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Low Life

Dark Jimbo:
Low Life. Neither Deadlock nor Nemesis was particularly well-served by their joint series - and who could have believed how boring their team-up could be?!

Blue Cactus:
Low Life, one of my favourite strips from the last 20 years or so. Great characters I really cared about with proper character arcs for the leads. Some fantastic art from Flint, D’Israeli, Coleby and Dayglo. Some of Disraeli’s covers were wonderful too, that stained glass type one springs to mind.

Low Life

Nemesis and Deadlock was so throwaway, with a twist that was telegraphed to the point you may as well have skipped to the end. Low Life was packed full of intrigue and double-cross. An easy win for Low Life.


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