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Forum’s Fav Thrill - Bogie Man vs. Harlem Heroes (Original) Round 3 Heat 11

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Harlem Heroes

Blue Cactus:
Harlem Heroes

Harlem Heroes has some moments, but like many of those early strips I find it a trudge to read. So: Bogie Man, even if its link to 2000 AD is, frankly, slight.

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
bogie man

It's not going to affect my vote, but I thought the Harlem Heroes DID include Inferno, as far as the Tourney is concerned? I don't recall Inferno getting their own separate slot?

Anyway, much as the central gag in Bogie Man is delightful, artwise it's not a patch on Gibbons at his most dynamic (and, if counted, Belardinelli at his usual swoopy heights). But mostly I'm voting for more Artie Gruber* in the Prog!

Harlem Heroes

*Prog 9 is the first all-time great Prog cover, discuss:


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