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Forum’s Favourite Thrill - Counterfeit Girl vs. Strontium Dogs Round 3 Heat 16

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Colin YNWA:
Well if Week 1 broke you into what Round 3 could be like Week 2 will show you its extremes with possibly the tie of the Round coming in (though there is one later that possibly tops even this). Eyes will be blinding, hair will be torn out before this week is over…

Bit of a cool down from yesterday… very interesting one mind. Strontium DogS (DOGS, with an ‘S’ the ‘S’ is very important) pulled off another shock (well to me at least) in Round 2, toppling Tharg’s 3rillers, did not see that coming. Counterfeit Girl hasn’t much form so far, only having faced Brit-Cit Babes and brushed them aside BUT it has form elsewhere having won Broodbliks Sideshow vote for the best none Bad Company Milligan story and that’s no mean feit (see what I did there, do ya) at all.

Counterfeit Girl - more info


Strontium Dogs - more info

Just reply in this thread naming your favourite thrill of these two series at the beginning of your post (or use Bold tags so I can spot it easily) and say what you like about these wonderful stories after that.

Match ends early on the morning of Sunday 22st May and the winner gets a place in Round 4 (of 9!!!).

What on Earth is ALL of this?

For those that need ‘um and can be bothered to follow ‘um there’s some simple rules

Any questions, just ask as ever - and have FUN

Counterfeit Girl

Strontium Dogs.

Not a fan of either, so a tough choice.

Strontium Dogs.

Have just read the Hachette collection of the Ennis stuff, and I have to say Nigel Dobbyn's art really was brilliant, far better than I remembered. Steve Pugh's work I did remember as being great, and it still is.

Counterfeit Girl.


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