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Stupid things people have actually said to you.

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A couple of doozies from one of my colleagues this week. I was dicking about dancing to some M-People song - for reasons too long to go into here - and my colleague looked up, and said "Don't you stand there under my nose pulling faces behind my back, Mr. Blunt!".

Earlier in the week she defeated my reasoned, logical arguement that bullying is wrong by stating "We've all commited suicide, Mr. Blunt".

esoteric ed:
Not a personal experience David, but my brother asked two of his staff "how many quarters are there in a (earth) year?", both said... 3


Max Kon:
At games day I had the following conversation with Will Hayes (the forge world sculptor)

m: do you know the size of the base used for the eldar titan?

w: huh?

m: do you know the size of the base used for the eldar titan?

w: you mean the painted one over there?

m: yes, that one

w: yes I do

m: well

W: well what?

m: do you know the size of the base used for the eldar titan?

w: yes

m: what is the size?

w: oh, 160mm

like i'd be interested in whether he knew the size of a base and not want to know its size.

Dxb, that`s surreal!
Max, that`s annoying, either rude or unfunny and rude.

I`ve had someone tell me that Australia shouldn`t be a republic `because you`d have to change the flag`. Stupid because if I`d like us to be a republic, it`s quite possible I don`t care about changing the flag. Possibly they thought this was funny.

here`s an odd one:

F: You write children`s books. Have you read the Moomin books? They`re really good.
New Zealander Colleage; I haven`t read them. They must be Australian

Devons Daddy:
stupid,catering industry,customers, its  receipe for success in this arena,QE2 passengers. proving money does not + common sense.

Q/is this is the breakfast buffet chef?
its 8.30 am in the morning. we have freshly fried egg and ommeltte station. bacon eggs,sausges and so on.what do you think it is HIGH TEA?

Q/.so you guys go home at night or stay on board the ship then?
A/no sir we stay on board.
its the third day a sea for a five day atlantic you see any very very long range helicopters or fast boats?

Q/do these pork sausages contain meat chef?
A/yes sir i am told we use minced pork in them.
PORK SAUSAGES, say it slowly.


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