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--- Quote from: Anthony Garnon on 16 May, 2019, 09:14:38 PM ---I don't know about customers - but this Squaxx still subscribes!

I'm based at head office. Formerly of the marketing department, where I ran in store signing events and digitalised their signing archive (available to view for free on FP's website!).
--- End quote ---

Is that the one in the flyers-for-forthcoming-signings-racks?

--- Quote ---These days I'm the company's Licensing Manager, leading the creative on the t-shirts you see in store (sadly no 2000AD).

When I worked in store we got two types of 2000AD customer:

1) the die-hard regulars, in every Wedsnesday/for signings. A healthy amount of them, too.

2) young tourists (15-30 years old) who have heard about the comic and now they are in the UK want to try it out.  (They almost always asked where's the best place to start on Dredd)

--- End quote ---

Good news on both fronts!

Things I didn't like - the repro on some pages of Mind Wars where in part it was like someone had run off pages of the brown paint era Slaine on a crap photocopier

John Charles' garishly bright colours on Dredd taking me back to ALan Craddock and his early days of computer colouring

Things I did like - the genius of Redondo on Mind Wars

The Torture Garden.  I'm not usually a fan of Nick Percival's soft focus approach but this was great stuff

Lawless - how the hell does Phil Winslade do it?  Excellent script as well.

Tom Fowler's slightly thicker art, it's provided solidity to his work,

Cliff Robinson's cover - epic.

All in all a great issue that only had niggles rather than gripes

Keef Monkey:
I got a few chapters into Mind Wars and realized I had no idea what was going on from panel to panel for some reason, so I stopped! Possibly I just wasn't very with it when I sat down to read it, but I just wasn't taking it in at all.

Also, nice to see Matthew Badham back on interview duties.  You could alwaus be guaranteed an interview that wasnt the usual suspects with him.  I would never have expected to see an Abby Bulmer feature but I'm glad that it happened

Following that feature I made sure I picked up the first issue of Abby's self published book and was not disappointed at all. A cracking read that if I still had younglings in need of introducing to comics I'd pass over. Heartily recommended.


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