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--- Quote from: Barrington Boots on 07 September, 2021, 11:09:38 AM ---I much prefer the remixed version - I know what you mean about the vocals, but the original version is one of those late 90s / early 2000s 'loudness war' production jobs and a lot of the nuance is lost in favour of volume. I've got a whole bunch of albums that could do with a remix on that basis.
Whichever mix you've got though, it's an underrated album imo and in places quite poignant. I think I'll give it a spin later today!

--- End quote ---

You're not wrong! I remember being quite disappointed that the original mix was such a full-on assault. Especially after wondering for so long if Test For Echo would be their last album.

I need to give the remix a deeper listen. There's a few instances where I really appreciate being able to hear additional detail. But I also detect a few elements that were straight up *not there* in the original mix, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I'm basically just a bit sore about how Secret Touch (my favourite track on the album) has been handled in the remix. Don't get me wrong - just as with everything else on the album, it's nice to hear a more sonically cleaned up version of it. But when it gets to the part where Alex Lifeson lets rip, it feels like all the guts have been shovelled out of it. 

I, Cosh:
Can't get enough of the most recent Low album. Seems like such a simple trick they've pulled but I just never get tired of it: Days Like These.

Funt Solo:
Billy Idol - Free At Noon Concert (Virtual)

A very seldom song that got me interested in the lyrics, which I have no idea what they mean.

Ages back, I posted in this thread about Sam Brown's '43 Minutes' album, and there was a bit of discussion about how sad it was that she'd lost her singing voice.

I figured I'd pop back in here to share some unexpectedly awesome news. A pal tipped me off this morning that Sam had been posting on Facebook back in August about heading back into the studio to record new music!

She's very quickly dispelled any notion that this means she's recovered her voice. Sadly, that hasn't happened. But she's teasing an album of electronica that will be 'very different.'

Honestly, I'm over the moon about this. I love to see people fighting back past circumstances like hers.


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