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Yeah it's very much that sense of community I've been missing I think. It just means there's less mental things to connect songs to. There's not that track that got played at all the clubs. Or that fantastic tour we saw. Or that album we listened to in the car on the way to <insert holiday/event>. Or that band we discovered at <insert festival>. It wasn't until I started thinking about it I realised just how nebulous (perfect word so I'm stealing it) it all felt.

Glad you enjoyed Deep England. I've been following Gazelle Twin since we saw her at Supersonic in Birmingham a few years back. Consistently different and consistently interesting. Must check out some more of NYX's work as they were new to me.

Barrington Boots:
I think that's definitely it about music having less 'events' to associate with things this year which does homogenize the experience of it a bit, yes.. Almost all the new albums I've enjoyed this year I have mainly heard on my computer in my spare room.


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