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Le Gronk Affair

The Son. Controversial perhaps, but I never jibed with the Schiklgruber Grab - a bit TOO knowing for my tastes.

Other Reviews / Re: 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2021
« on: Today at 09:11:00 AM »
We're talking about Clockwork Orange Alex here, yes, not me? Nothing against LVB, but I'm more of a synth pop kinda guy.

And I agree with both of you! This version of Chopper was a bit more peppy than rougelike, but I think there's something in the idea that he'd take something he was force-fed by the establoishment (in this case, the works of Shakespeare), and then throw it back in their faces. I'll admit it doesn't work alongside his status as 'man of the people', though.

Other Reviews / Re: Thirteenth Floor Vol. 3
« on: Today at 09:05:40 AM »
Can't argue with that!
Jose Ortiz drawing mean people being scared witless is top level comics.

Other Reviews / Re: Dredd: The Complete Case Files
« on: Today at 09:04:07 AM »
I think the Contents listing at the start of each CF, and one at the start of each Megazine bit, works really well. I'd also vote for having the logo and title of each new story left on the page, but then NOT repeat it for the rest of a multi-part story. Dredd vs Aliens is a perfect case in point. It's a super exciting action thriller, and I think it'd lose some impact by being reminded precicesly where each cliffhanger ending happened.

More work for the repro droids, yay!

Still don't know how we get around the fact that the old Megazine Dredds never actually had a logo or title on them; it's only when a change o fart happens that I can even tell when one story has stopped and a new one has started, sometimes. Bishop done a lot of good, but de-logo-ing strips was not, I think, his best choice. Yes, it gives more space for the art, but it also takes away something comics-y that rankles with me. Guess I'm a dinosaur!

News / Re: Pat Mills Joe Pineapples series
« on: 21 September, 2021, 10:33:51 AM »
Are we going to get a recap to remember what was going on with Joe Pineapples 8 years ago? Not that I recall him having much int he way of character development since 'Khronikles of Khaos'. I guess there was that time he had an affair with the President of Mars's wife? Or was that a flashback?

Nevertheless, I'm genuinely excited to see this; that one episode of the Gothic Empire where Joe is undercover in a poker game was just SO GOOD, and the much-repeated sequences of Joe sniping people from ludicrous distances are always a joy to watch.

General / Re: Who Are The Creators?
« on: 21 September, 2021, 10:28:29 AM »
But who created Mega City 1? Certainly Carlos was involved - but beyond that?
And who created the idea of 'Judge, Jury and Executioner'? Was that in Wagner's original pitch, or was that a bit of Mills magic?

Argh, it's the match-up I was dreading - my first Stront up against my comfort Stront.
Reckon it's got to be Incident, for the way Ma Froggett looks at Johnny...

General / Re: Subscriber Gifts
« on: 21 September, 2021, 10:21:20 AM »
I had to quit my Megazine subscription for a month, but have taken it up again now I've moved into a new address - got my 'new Subscriber' badge in the post almost immediately!

News / Re: Henry Flint's new 2000AD Project
« on: 21 September, 2021, 10:19:53 AM »
Those concentric circles put me in mind of both Button Man and Kano. Either, or indeed both mashed together, would be a treat!

Welcome to the board / Re: Hi
« on: 21 September, 2021, 10:17:50 AM »

General / Re: The Killing vs. Doc Quince Case - Bolt-01 Cup - Group 1 Game 3
« on: 20 September, 2021, 08:35:47 AM »
The Killing!

Kreeler Conspiracy

Other Reviews / Re: Thirteenth Floor Vol. 3
« on: 20 September, 2021, 08:31:14 AM »
I'm not enticed by mention of 'the spy stuff' in volume 2. Will I miss anything if I skip straight to Vol 3?

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