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Has Robbie Morrison gone sex mad? Or does Robbie really live in London's soho?


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Is it just me or has Robbie Morrision being taking too much viagra?

I mean we had the horror of war and now it's Carry On Dante.

In this week's Dante, we have had electrocuted genitalia, burning pubic hair, mention of castration via the groin guillotine, the flagellators, and reference to testicles being toasted!

I've seen less sex at a charity porn gangbang!

Although I am enjoying the story, I can't help feel the tone is all wrong following Tzar Wars. Surely the aftermath of the war (as mentioned briefly last prog) should be the main story, not this.  

It just seems out of place. The scars of war on Dante's mind seem to have been completely forgotten. Maybe time will prove me wrong.

Anyway, Robbie gives new meaning to the term oral sex.
He can't stop talking about it!!!


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Regarding -
Is it just me or has Robbie Morrision been taking too much viagra?

Robbie...you missed a great line at the end of this week's Dante. When the flag babes do the dog lead lashing on Nikolai, the line shouldn't be Spawn of Satan but Sperm of Satan.

Honestly Rob, I hope you ain't losing your touch!


Dominic O'Rourke:
have I said this before? I'm a building surveyor for westminster council, and my patch covers soho, ahh the lights, the glamour, the music, the smell of cologne on a hot summers night, er, um, as I was saying, sex and Our Man in Dumas, I think if you look at any soldiers first act upon returning from war, well let us say the average liberal attitudes increase in direct proportion to the hem line. A couple of days later, the hangover hits, it might be good to see dante go through the blue meanies!

Dominic O'Rourke:
spawn of shaitan - which means worm !


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