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Prog 2244 - Less than Nero!

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That's a really impressive cover!

Dredd and Aquila are the highlights this week, these have both been great stories.

Skip Tracer is just unbearably cliched, hackneyed crap. Enough now.

Barrington Boots:
Mental week at work so I don't have time to write a proper review this week.

Dredd and Aquila are strong. Skip Tracer and SinDex are weak.

On the Prog thread I always try to look for positives where possible but this Terror Tale was dreadful. Felt like a few different plots jumbled up. Lockdown and werewolves mentioned at the start but not relevant. The twist was they ate some guy who'd just appeared. Why were the staff cannibals? What killed the dude in the vent? Who summoned the big guy upstairs? What was the deal with all this? Did I miss something?

Cover was fantastic!

No you didn't miss anything, it was just incoherent. I think there were even two characters called Tom and Tommy, which didn't help.

Cover in B/W:

Bad City Blue:
Always enjoyed Sinister Dexter in the past, but these days it's achingly past it's sell by date.

Skip Tracer is the pile of shit that won't flush, nice art trying to save a very very dull series that for some reason doesn't get canned,

Terror Tale is just boring, quite a feat with werewolves, though nice art.

Don't read Aquila, it just doesn't work for me.

Dredd is currently the only decent read, and it's brilliant.

Rebellion need to pick up some new writers. There's loads of them out there that would love to do 2000AD work, but they are made to go through the Thought Bubble crap.


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