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Prog 2251 - Escape into the unknown

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Colin YNWA:
And so after last weeks excellent prog the new line-up starts in earnst, without all the extra bonus stuff and its all looking very positive still.

Dredd is a solid action piece, moving things on but focused in the thrill. Good stuff.

Diaboliks pushes things forward in no less speedy fashion, if without the gun pkay, but is equally well recieved.

Scarlet Traces, page 5 top right panel, anyone else thing this is a tip of the hat to Michel Fiffe? Anyway glorious art all told and negotiations move to a slightly cliche, well you either fight with us or wait for them to come for you anyway, but it does a good job of expanding the history of the Solar System.

Pandora Perfect also briskly moves, pieces in place, hijinx had and jewels lifted. Now one suspects the fun will really start.

The Out - third story of the week about an aquisition that will drive the rest of the story forwatd. In this case an 'address book'. Its wonderfully done stuff, with deft humour, interesting world building and doors opening to possiblities. Brilliant stuff.

So yeah this one does suffer in comparision to last weeks joyous opening and is often the case with these early story issues pieces are put in place, or in this case, bought, stolen, or otherwise aquired, that will allow the rest of the story to take flight. But those pieces have been quickly put into place and we're good to go. Enjoying this lot and have much optimisim.

Cover by Mark Harrison:

Cover and Logo:

Last week’s Prog had that vibe of new beginnings. This one is a load of part twos. It’s not easy to make a comic that works when that’s the case, although you can already feel the various strips here shifting at different speeds. Quick shout out for the cover, which is fab.

Dredd gets going and is immediately more interesting than it was last week, although you do feel it’ll be one or two foes bumped off per week, a tricky situation for Dredd, and a resolution where he comes out on top. But I do hope Maitland survives as well. Diaboliks was entertaining until the end, where it shifted very abruptly to chilling with that last frame. Scarlet Traces expands on its lore again, in what’s becoming quite the epic. The storytelling in this run already seems a lot more solid too, and so, yep, I’m a fan.

Pandora is fun, although the reduction in density makes it appeal a touch less to me than it did in Regened. Still: good to see it get a run, although I’d happily see it next series (assuming there is one) get a load of one- or two-parters. And then there’s The Out, which, as ever, is superb. I hope this strip runs and runs—and that Rebellion issues collections in HC.

So: The Out > Scarlet Traces > Dredd > Diaboliks > Pandora, but with that last position being some way ahead of the cut-off point of doom. 5/5 for me this week.

What do we have here, second episode blues or continuous bliss? Another very good prog to report a fiver for me. This one is difficult to choose which was my favorite.

Dredd – Good action-filled episode with the first “redcoat” handled now for the rest. Like the way that Maitland knows all the perps by heart certainly helps with the takedown.

Diaboliks – Very Ocean’s 11 (minus a few heads) feel to this episode first do your surveillance and then hatch the plan and then for the booty.

Scarlet Traces – A great episode as Edginton continues to do world building. He is adding more layers to this onion, great storytelling. Ooh and before we forget awesome art from sir D’Isreali.

Pandora – Just a fun episode. A nice lighter side read.

The Out – I will just have to remember attending my next funeral to bring my own refreshments. Another interesting colorful episode as Cyd’s journey fantastic continues.


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