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Prog 2251 - Escape into the unknown

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Barrington Boots:
I feel like I was a bit harsh on last weeks Prog after reading this one, as it was on the whole very enjoyable.

Dredd Kicks off with a blast, still got an old school action feel to it which I am digging, great and gory artwork from Jake Lynch. Really liked the Brit Mechanismo robot in this episode.

Diaboliks Not a lot happens but something horrible is coming up I think. This one isn't for me really.

Scarlet Traces After not being super ethusiastic about it's return I'm a lot more invested in this already: agree with IP that the storytelling is really good here. Art is just incredible.

Pandora Perfect Zipping along at a fair old pace, it is a light read so far and I don't mind that, it's working for me so far. I'm assuming next week will see a lot of pet-related chaos.

The Out - Enjoyable as ever. I like the way that apart from 'Cyd's adventures' this isn't really about anything - it changes focus a lot, and you can never be sure what will happen each episode but it's a very easy and enjoyable read.

Top Prog for me!

Link Prime:
Prog 2251 isn't on my ComicHub list this week, the delivery must not have made it to ROI for some reason.

< Lets check the BBC news website to check what could have gone wrong - holy shit >

norton canes:
A strong line-up right now, every story tantalizing my thrill-sensors.

'The Hard Way' is a welcome turn down the comic route (by which I mean it's funny - it's obviously in a comic), an intentional contrast perhaps to the rather more portentous tone of the Wiliams droid's previous Dredd epic? I presume that by the end it'll be explained why the prospective assassins have chosen 'The Hard Way' and are politely taking their turns.

Diaboliks and Scarlet Traces continue to build upon their respective storylines' mythos and are a treat to read in themselves, all good there.

Each time I read an instalment of The Out I feel like I've watched an entire half-hour TV drama (or sit-com depending on the tone), it really is so amazingly deeply realised, the script and art working in perfect harmony to create an all-immersive thrill experience. Some brilliantly funny dialogue this week ("what's cheese?") and it looks like the storyline has fond some direction. In fact, hasn't the Abnett droid been quoted as saying something along the lines that plotting the story has been as adventurous and spontaneous an experience as Cyd's journey itself?

Oh and the cover - superb, of course, though grud knows what a non-Squaxx would think of it looking at the comic for the first time [smiley emoji]

And Pandora Perfect... hmm, I don't know, I'm still on the fence here... I was perhaps a bit too dismissive of it last week, I mean, it is snappily written and it looks incredible, of course... I just think that given it's a humorous story, this week isn't really funny enough. I laughed out loud right through The Out (which I know is a different kind of strip) and kind of feel like this should have given me a few laughs too, but it got too bogged down in the mechanics of the jewel theft. There's no sort of sly humour going on. Without trying to be disparaging (honestly!) the bottom line is, I can see why kids would love it, but it's a bit incongruous here.

What's 'Enemy Earth'?

One other thought just stuck me about this issue that’s nice to see: two series have female leads; one series as a female co-lead; and the Dredd has a prominent female character. Nice to see such gender diversity in the Prog. (More in the creator credits would be nice to see in the future, ofc.)

Dredd and The Out book-end an excellent prog. I haven't got too much out of the last few weeks, but we're on the up and up.


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