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Prog 2263 - The Galaxy's Gunning for Proteus Vex

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A very good start to the year with some great thrills, the only letdown is the cover which just do not work for me. So, the start of year we have a 5-star line-up.

Dredd – Mr. Niemand has steadily created a vast array of supporting characters in the Dredd-verse, this round we get the Surfer Girl from prog 2219.  Another good opener as the episode ends in a Supersurf vibe. Let the surf continue........

Porteus Vex – The second part and we are now with Vex as he continues to rescue of the “Spectrums”. Carroll and Lynch has built an intriguing world for us to explore and the weird continue but in a good way. Just a note to Vex please rescue Midnight.

The Order – The fanatic, insane ride into the fantastic as our compatriot’s battle “ghost” from different time periods. As always keep on your hat as the team of Kek and Burns deliver another good episode.

Kingmaker – As our heroes decide what to do next the focus change to our real enemy in space. Edginton gives us a more talkative episode after the full out action of the opener. Good stuff.

The Out – So now we know what the contamination (Marabunda) is as poor Cyd is consumed and assimilated and becomes part of the dreaded Tankinar. A very good episode from Abnett but I did find Harrison’s art just a little too much muddy.

Cover by Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

Bad City Blue:
Don't read much of the current line up, but Dredd and The Out were both excellent.

The Out. - called it


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