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Prog 2263 - The Galaxy's Gunning for Proteus Vex

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Colin YNWA:
Well unlike Bad City Blue for me this is a top notch line-up. Lovely mix of strips and all are strong. That said I completely agree both Dredd and The Out are first class.

Dredd its nice to see Mona Plankhurst the skysurfering delivery person back - according to Twitter Ken Niemand he's surprised its so soon - its glorious drawn (by Patrick Goddard) funny and then bursts into action. Top notch stuff.

Proteus Vex - fun it episode with pertainent undertone

--- Quote ---They tend to disregard any evidence that challenges what they already believe.
Contentment comes from a brain full of answers, Ko, not questions
The people of Ysan Tertiary don't care if those answers are demonstrably wrong
--- End quote ---

Great stuff.

The Order throws the host straight at us and then takes is to Island of the Dead in this voyage through the time waste. Fun.

Kingmaker - settles things down after the blistering opener and has a nice character piece, well before we cut to the villians and war beckons. Brilliant stuff.

Then finally The Out is heartbreaking. The Out is often at its best when it deals with the close and personal bits while the bigger mysteries lurk and grow in the back ground. Here though the creators brilliantly explode things up in such a big way but still manage to make it close and personal. Just superb stuff.

Wonderful Prog.

Only read the Dredd so far (excellent stuff, even when running concurrent to Wagner's brilliant surfing story in the Megazine) and The Out, which is breathtaking.  The Halo Jones vibe is stronger than ever, with the happy-go-lucky everywoman realising she has unwittingly become a mass killer.  Beautiful and tragic, but I'd like the art to be a tiny bit clearer.

Funt Solo:
I bought the prog, but I'll be damned if I stoop so low as to actually read the stories contained therein. I'm not a fucking communist, you know!

Except to continue my ongoing review of back cover adverts for the 2000 AD Ultimate Collection. This prog we have Cradlegrave featured in issue 113: an anthropological study of the life of the Greater Spotted Ned. Pedants will enjoy greatly the fact that the featured spine incorrectly has the number 121 on it. Hopefully the offending droid will be torn limb from limb by Mek-Quake before being melted down for slag!

norton canes:
Got to start with Proteus Vex, because those clones are utter genius. They're like something out of a nightmare version of Wallace and Grommit! The whole scene with them and the little purple aliens is wonderful; in fact the entire episode is excellent, and if it continues in this vein then perhaps our newly-crowned third-best strip of 2021 (non-Dredd) could move further up the podium in 2022. 

And the cover's cool too! I love when the Robinson droid takes on characters from a strip where the artist has a completely different style.

Elsewhere 'Working Girl' is a definite win - I'm actually feeling for Mona as the supervisor droid metes out its feeble sanctions, and by the last panel I'm super pumped to see how the chase unfolds. Great to see more exploding head gore too. Read it and weep, Joko-Jargo!

(Did I just use the phrase 'super pumped'? Sorry.)

Kingmaker continues to impress - the silent moment is lovely and there are some fantastic panels from the Gallagher droid, particularly the gaping faces of the docking bays. The Order kind of treads (under) water with an all-action instalment, hopefully there'll be more substance next prog.

Finally The Out shows just why it's the board's current runaway favourite, with a horrendous twist and some absolutely berserk art from Mark Harrison.

They're totally going all-out on the anniversary stuff, aren't they. So much so in fact that it makes me wonder how they're going to top it for the really big one in five years' time.

The Out. You keep seeing comparisons with Halo Jones, and there’s another echo here, of a sorts, but this was much more harrowing. Honestly, I think The Out is the better series—better than Halo Jones. I just wish we would get a HC (ideally an Image-style oversized volume that would do justice to the art).


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