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Prog 2265: Worlds at War

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A rarity this week: a prog without Dan Abnett—well, unless boy count the Feral & Foe III trailer in the Nerve Centre. So how does it all shake out?

Dredd is the prize for me this week, Niemand crafting an excellent, tense, exciting tale that feels very Wagner in its execution. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the protagonist – will she get away and perhaps becoming a recurring thorn in Dredd’s side, or will we next week discover how shit it is to be a single-parent MC-1 courier with a kid?

Proteux Vex further ramps up the world building. Lots of great design work too. I think I’m heading towards “might need a re-read” territory, but deft storytelling has enabled me to keep up so far. Not so much with The Order, which I’m increasingly baffled by. (And I see there’s another not to 2000 AD’s past here. Ho-hum. Not keen on the mining, TBH.

Kingmaker offers an interesting mix of styles and genres, with some great visuals, and Saphir looks like it should be fun. Roach’s art is, as ever, lovely.

There’s a natural downturn for me, in my favourite 2000 AD strip in the modern era having gone away, but the Prog remains strong – as does its anthology nature. Something for everyone, hopefully.

Dredd > Proteus Vex > Kingmaker > Saphir > The Order

Cover by David Roach and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

Colin YNWA:
I mean it was never going to match last weeks was it. How could anything replace The Out BUT it gives it a good old go and that's to be admired.

Dredd gets us off to a blistering start its thrilling and heart breaking in equal measure as Mina starts to fully understand the cost of trying to make a quick buck in the toughest City on Earth and that end is a horrible cliffhanger.

Proteus Vex keeps up the excellent work as action leads to surrender, but one with a plan. One that builds more intrigue.

The Order a few wurm zobies aside this is a quieter episode that does a decent job of recapping how a few folks have got where and tales Armoured Gideon to almost completely unrecognisable place. If it wasn't for those sky whakes that is...

Kingmaker again a quieter episode as Crixus reflects, or would do if an alien horde isn't dropping on top of him for next time!

So Saphir is the only real issue. Its not bad and its beautifully drawn, it just doesn't really go anyway until on the final page they throw in a seemingly random threat that feels utterly tacked on. Which is a shame as it feels like it could be something but its timing is just shot.

Overall though this is a very good Prog. Just after the last couple its not quite up to that standard so feels a little weaker than it actually is.


--- Quote ---tales Armoured Gideon to almost completely unrecognisable place
--- End quote ---
This is a Kek-W quirk I’m not a fan of. It feels like he undermines his own writing with callbacks. Deadworld was much stronger before it was tied specifically to events within actual Dredd continuity (like the Sovs), which just felt a bit naff and like the ideas well had run dry (which wasn’t the case when you read the one-offs, say). Revere rocking up in Indigo Prime was one of the most unnecessary cameos I’ve seen in comics. And Gideon in The Order… well, I get that it’s at least thematically reasonably sound, but given the terrible rendering (sorry, John—I love the rest of your art) and the frankly bizarre scripting, I just don’t see the point. Why not have any other automaton? Why not have entire new creatures flying through the sky?

I’d be really happy to see a new series of Armoured Gideon. Alternatively, I’m perfectly OK with letting the series lie. These little hints/callbacks aren’t exciting for me—they’re just frustrating and distracting. Oh well.


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