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Prog 2265: Worlds at War

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Colin YNWA:

--- Quote from: IndigoPrime on 18 January, 2022, 01:20:39 PM ---Or: you finish that bit.

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That's an excellent point in say Stickleback the reveal of him being S.H. could have been an end point, which opened doors, but wrapped things up for now, if used differently than it was.

GRennie is also very good at giving a series a sense of direction and ending, even if we don't know how long it will take to get there. Well forgiving him that dangling plot thread in Callballisitics Inc!

We know where Aquila is going, we have a sense of what the end point while be and its getting close, but has been building to this point form the off.

We know were Jaegir is going and that actually feels pretty close too.

We had a real sense of where Absalom was headed all the way through that.

He presents a central idea that drive the protagonist through the story. Its often open enough that he's not tieing himself to a specific path and can meander and explore as the muse takes him. Heck I guess he can spin the wheel and take us down an surprise track if he choose But his stories feel like they are progressing to a point.

Brass Sun feels like it should have that as well, with its central quest, but much as I adore the series, never really feels like its driving towards that ending with any conviction. I'm sure it will get there just as Red Seas did in the end.

A good solid prog again. The Out will be difficult to replace but we will have to life with less sugar in our coffee.

Dredd – The first Dredd series of the year and so far, it has been proven to be great. This feels and read like any classic by Wagner and yes, it is great. Awesome work from Niemand on script duty and Goddard bring the big Meg to life. What a last panel cannot wait for the grand finale. Thrill of the week

Proteus Vex – Carroll keeps adding layer of layer of intrigue as he very much does world building. This episode is all but the setup for what Vex is about the reveal. We should not forget about Lynch has he continues to do the full alien of our visual sensors.

The Order – As the story has now fully shift to another time and space we go back to Armored Gideon (and yes, I agree Burns Gideon just do not do the job). Let’s see where this runaway train is taking is. Ooh, I am still enjoying it although me little head might have to reboot a few more times.

Kingmaker – The story shifts to what is happening ground side and our heroes has a quiet moment before all hell is unleashed upon them. Interesting story so far but this round the art is the highlight.

Saphir – Another 3riller morphing into its own series. Enjoyed the original and this episode starts with some interest ideas and ends with a good cliff-hanger.  A good start with some great art.

B/W Cover:

Barrington Boots:
That cover is a stunner in B&W.


--- Quote from: Barrington Boots on 19 January, 2022, 09:36:03 AM ---That cover is a stunner in B&W.

--- End quote ---

I know it is early days but I am sure it most be in contention for cover of the year


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