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Prog 2266 - Power Surge!

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Crixus without his magic crest:

Catching up on my progs and am enjoying nearly everything even though hardly anything is a match for my particular tastes.

Dredd Working Girl has been brilliant but do we really need two KEK-W tales weaving historical figures it not fantasy situations, NJ no matter how yummy the art is?

Proteus Vex likewise isn't my cuppa but has enough clever script and art to keep me onboard.

Kingmaker should be entirely my kind of thing but somehow falls short. Love the art but as someone said a few progs ago, some of the storytelling takes several goes to parse correctly.

And I guess that's what ultimately puts me off some of the thrills like The Order or Deadworld. I don't mind rereading a story many times because I love it. But I don't want to have to reread it lots of times in order to love it. Grab me first (like Brink, The Out) and then you can be as complex and overflowing with ideas as you want.

Dredd is worth the entry money alone, and a nice dollop of set up on that last page without it being to old come work for the Justice Dept finish. 
Vex isn't Vexing but the rest are for me, as is often the case for me, when the Prog is in the doldrums the Megazine is flying high.


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