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--- Quote from: broodblik on 26 January, 2022, 03:19:21 AM ---the only letdown was how Gideon was present
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The strip has taken one of the most bizarre and fantastic robot designs I’ve seen in 2000 AD — perhaps in comics as a whole — and transformed it into a literal pile of mud with a robot head that doesn’t even really resemble the original. It’s quite sad.

I'm still clinging on to the current prog, but only Dredd and Saphir are really doing it for me. Proteus Vex I've decided to skip and do a full read when it's done, Kingmaker is like visual soup and The Order actually makes me angry.

Good to have a letters page this week though.


I'm really taken with Saphir, especially after re-reading the original 3riller, it's mental in a good way.
And for all that it's true that Burns's verison OF Armoured G is frankly poor, at least in this week's episode Kek-W is fainlly exploring what the link even is between that old strip and this new one - and it's intriguing. Am kinda hoping it will lead to a re-design of the Gideon robot as it is now, whether Burns wants it or not...

norton canes:
'Working Girl' steals the show again. Other script droids take note: first and foremost, create a character we care about and in whom we therefore invest attachment. Place them in situations of genuine peril so we're never certain they're going to pull through. Then worry about your multi-chapter story arcs. 

Absolutely exceptional stuff from all droids involved.

Proteus Vex scores highly on the character investment scale too (perhaps we should call it the 'Niemand Scale'?) by virtue of its protagonist being so damn quirky. Despite being such an outlandish creation he seems almost as lost in the bizarre universe he inhabits as we do. Jake Lynch is really helping bring this chapter to another level. Although I wasn't sure what was going on with the guns... I mean, they were guns, weren't they..?

Saphir is lusciously illustrated and is an intriguing concept but going back to my point above I just think we need a little more idea of the characters' background and motivation. Early days yet though so we'll se how it goes.

Kingmaker was a little lightweight this week. If you're reading a collected edition it's fine to have five pages of largely dialogue-free action but if that's all you get in a week's five-page instalment you do feel a lttle short-changed.

The Order is largely trading on its sheer oddness right now. Which is a shame, because the early chapters had some appealing and relatable protagonists (granted, we did have that nice episode focussing on Cassiopeia a couple of weeks ago)

Stoked for more Jaegir.

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