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Colin YNWA:
Well that tagline almost makes sense...

Always love a bumper celebration Prog and this one has much to recommend it.

Dredd well that's six pages of quiet perfection, even if it has less Dredd than the Tharg story - see below.

Proteus Vex well Vex did try to warn you. Things look bleak for Vex... but then lose lips sink ships... or more accurately get you squished by the star dweller... great episode

Indigo Prime this is deeply meaty stuff and needs a re-read - which it will get as it was aces - though leave Richard Dawkins alone ... and John Smith characters stuff come to that. This one at least makes perfect sense in the context of the story. Be careful with her though!

Kingmaker - FIGHT, then hug... weird hug but arrrhhhhh.

Tharg the Mighty - does it really need 9 pages. I mean it has moments of checky fun, but 9 pages!

The Order - great stuff with journey inward and shadow monsters outwards.

Brink - As with all great things leave the best 'til last. Reflections on past events and a glorious introduction to our new perspective. Just brilliant.

So all the ongoing strips are good to great; one bonus strip is intriguing and wonderful the other is... 9 pages. Overall a treat.

Cover by Brain Bolland:

Cover and Logo:

If it wasn't for Chimpsky that cover could have been from decades ago... maybe that's the point but it hardly seems relevant which was always one of the Progs strengths IMHO

Bar the decks being flipped, making menacing Tharg look like he’s about to attack the DJ, it’s a great piece of Bolland draughtsmanship. But, yeah, it’s a pity a couple of characters weren’t swapped out for something more recent. Nemesis is long gone. Dante concluded. Stront is done. Sláine is done. Perhaps the first two could have been replaced. Still a nice cover, mind. (And perhaps the nostalgia factor will draw people in? Who knows. That said, there were rumblings on Facebook that people expected to see indie what was featured on the cover.


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