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Colin YNWA:
Well with this line-up it was always going to be a good Prog, but this is a GREAT prog. Its a smackin' collection of tales.

Dredd Well the team of Wagner and Cornwell kinda telegraphs this is going to be superb and it is. So much achieved in just 6 pages. It worked as a Dredd 101 with at least 4 superb ways of expressing him as a character. But we got some new characters we got to know in the brief time we had. AND with enough space to spare for some grizzly Sov death. Just wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Speaking of which Proteus Vex is simply brilliant this week as we get more confliciting views on who Vex is and what drives him. Some top class space fleet destruction. Its belting stuff. Only misses Midnight Indicating Shame and this would be perfection!

The Order is a wonderful balance of driving things on and allowing things to breathe. Superb.

Kingmaker good evil uinderlining and then some literal shit flinging action. Great stuff.

Brink is the only down step, now lets qualify that. Its Brink and its still brilliant. INJ is still an absolute genius. Its just very dense as it establishs the new situations and factions in this take on what we've seen before. Dabnett next makes it feel a chore to read, just as I was doing so I was consious of how much my aging brain would retain when some of this stuff was needed back. That said reading Brink is a delight so its not like it will be a hardship when I decide I need to recap what'a what! I mean its a downstep due to my failing not its and this is wonderful!

So yeah a Five-for no less. This line-up is fantastic.

Dredd - Page two - the prescient panel two

That short snippet of dialogue and the action in the strip is quite spooky as happens from time to time. The writer being John Wagner just adds to the gravitas and I do often wonder how far removed from the conflicts around the world I am when I read about them in a comic or watch them on a screen.

Reminds me of the time around the London Bombings and the Charley's War reprints which were happening at the time and how the two stories converged as in the strip people were being told to get into the underground as it was safer there. This was in stark contrast to the devastating scenes of destruction by coordinated suicide attacks on the 7th July 2005 on the transport networks.

That day the threat be came closer than ever before and it breaks my heart to see some of the scenes in the Ukraine at the moment. When I first read The Apocalypse War it struck me how senseless it all was just for one man's lust for power, and today that is shockingly all too real.

Cover by Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague:

Cover and Logo:

The Mind of Wolfie Smith:
it was probably set in stone a long time ago, so this is not a criticism at all, but that cover and (even more) the captions are really, really unfortunate right now. i read this brilliant comic for escapism not underlining of the misery of now.


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