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Just got home from work and there on my mat was a letter from Rebellion. Wondering what was going on - had I been drafted into the academy of Law, I quickly opened the leter containment device to discover a nice shiny complete pack of those postcards I criticised for being overpriced.
Accompanied by a letter personally signed by Tharg - apparently my letter has been printed (Yay!) I don't know when it will see print I'm guessing in the next issue.
I can't remember what I said or even if I signed it Newt or my real name.
However I have such an exciting life I am now very excited.
I have not had a letter printed in 2k since the issue revealing the Dead Man was Dredd on the cover.
What will Tharg say to my incessant ramblings?

Anyway the postcards are now good value for money - FREE!

Even better than that I have Tharg's autograph!!!!!


Hi newt

Well done!  Was yours the letter about the Dead Man, If so i think I remember it?

No, it was a very sad letter pointing out an error in the opening panel in the Chopper story that followed the JD Supersurf epic. The particular picture showed Ayers Rock undamaged yet only a few months before we had seen it getting blown apart when Judge Dredd sent a Nuclear Bomb through a portal to destroy the Judda's lair.
Can't remember what Tharg's get out at the time was and all my progs of more than three years ago are still in storage at my parents house as I don't have space for them under my rock.
I did get a nice binder at the time though.

The cover of the issue in question showed the Dead Man looking at the reader with his scarred face, wearing his low brim hat and cool coat, holding up the twisted remains of his Judge Dredd Badge. One very cool cover!

It was in issue 661. The Chopper story was Song of the Surfer which ran 654-665. The panel I wrote about must be in 654.

I think you've got a bit of a cheek questioning Tharg and taking his postcards, but I guess that's not for me to say.  Let others judge you and cast the first stones, I will merely supply the stones from my extensive gravel quarry.

I do remember the cover and your letter now.  I have a great memory.  How it works is that I cannot remember anything, then someone tells me something and I go 'oh yeah, that's right'.  It could be of course that I am merely remembering the words from a fraction of a second ago, and what I consider memory is just delayed thinking.

I have had three letters, only one under my real name.  The one under my real name is the most embarresing, it was my 14th letter to 2000AD and I was getting desperate.  I had thought it was going to be my comic masterpiece of a letter about the dead and decomposing Wulf Sternhammer complaining to Tharg about being killed off.  So I told everyone and then they printed my creep-crawly embarresing piece of shame.  Thanks Tharg.  I owe you one.


For real weirdo's out there the other two featured Burt and a sadistic evil monk.  Such a beast am I.


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