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This week's Dredd was good but all wrong!

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Thread Zero:

I really liked this week's Dredd by Morrison and Doherty but the portrayal of Dredd and Justice Dept was completely wrong.

Even taking into account Dredd's occasional humanity, these are some of the big time errors:

Bear with me!

1] Biggest mistake is having the mother being united with her child.

She is dependant on an illicit drug and would be unfit to look after her child.
The child would be taken into foster care and or/a drug rehabilitation unit.

2] Despite Dredd being humane, he's overlooked the many crimes the mother has perpetrated. This is the list -
a] Wilful abandonment of a minor. Namely leaving the baby on a pedway. I'd say that would be at least a year or three in the cubes.
b] Attempted suicide. The mother jumping off the terrace. Suicide is illegal in MC1. 6 months I reckon in the cubes for that.
c] Possession and use of an illegal substance, namely heroin. 6 months a piece I'd say.
That is a minimum of at least 3 and half years in the cubes.

3]The mother would never be reunited with her child so soon. First she would have to serve her time and be weaned off the drug. It's silly to think she would be fit to look after her child.

scojo who really is related to Judge Dredd

Thread Zero:
Oh year, if Dredd wanted to stick even closer to the letter of the law, he could add the crime of wilfully infecting a minor with an illegal substance.

Namely the child becoming addicted to heroin in the womb.

scojo firm but fair

Thread Zero:
But I guess if it were the true Dredd as I have mentioned, there wouldn't be much of a story then!

No happy ending I mean!


From your title Scojo, I was about to agree with you.  I really liked the Dredd story and felt it was churlsih to complain it wasn't right but...

I thought the introduction of heroin to the Mega City timeline really missed the point of the comic strip.  We've had a addiction stiries before, whether it's uncle umps, sugar, tobacco or caffiene.

I'd also like to know where they grow this heroin?

Having said that, it would be interesting if it was actually very easy to cure in the Meg now, making the drug somewhat impotent. Although of course until they are busted then they probably aren't going to.

Also, how do we know they escaped the cubes?  They could both be sent to the same cubes.  I bet it happens (it does in out society sometimes).

Anywya, i thought the story was great, even though it really jarred on me in many ways.  I thin k I'd rather have seen the same idea done by another writer.

EAC.  Sorry.

Thread Zero:

I guess the trick with a Dredd story like this is to get the balance right.

When does Dredd stop being a judge and act just like a normal human being?

I reckon if John Wagner has written it, Dredd would have been lenient to an extent but the mother would still have to serve some time in the cubes.

I good example would be the meg story - Bury my knee at wounded heart. Issue 46 (vol 2). Dredd empathised with the old man to an extent but he still had to do the time.



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