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Of course in some ways “it’s only a magazine”, and many people are facing far more significant losses at the moment.  I’m just a bit shocked, it feels like its always been there, and now in the space of a few months... it’s gone, and with it a small but important part of our entertainment culture that will be hard to replace.

The last circulation figures are reported as around 28,000 - still quite respectable in today’s environment I would’ve thought.  It seems quite sobering that a major publisher cannot support the title through this tough time, I’d expect things would be on the cusp of improving now shops are reopening.  It really puts into perspective how fortunate we are with Rebellion and their long term support for 2000AD and the Treasury.

Best wishes to the team at Q for their future, and to all at Rebellion for their continued efforts.

Funt Solo:
I'm catching up on my prog reading after a hiatus - I'm currently reading 2017's progs.  I'd been buying each year as I needed it, but when covid started to have a serious effect, I bought all my missing progs at once - because I didn't know if Rebellion would survive.

I suppose the idea is, once society crumbles, I'll still be able to read all the progs. As long as the electricity holds out.


(From Neil Cameron's A-Z of Awesomeness)

Ah, shit. That's a damn shame. I was only the kind of reader that picked it up when one of my fave artists was featured, but that still means I have a carrier-bag full in the loft somewhere.

More disappointed that Planet Rock magazine has gone the way of Q also, although fewer mags on the shelves is always something to mourn.
Just hope Classic Rock Magazine hangs on in there!  :(


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