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Napalm Death - Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism!

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Five long years after the release of the successful (and absolutely outstanding) Apex Predator/Easy Meat, Napalm Death are finally releasing a new album. Available for pre-order from the following: Standard CD and Media book versions.

The Decibel Store De-Weponised Steel and Black Swirled Vinyl.

Nuclear Blast Special edtion CD with 3 bonus tracks.

I personally cannot vouch for any of these companies as I've never used them!

I'll link to a couple of songs for the multitude one or two of you that may be interested.

Backlash Just Because which is a bonus track on the special edition. I like It.

White Kross which is a cover song originally by Sonic Youth and is the B-Side to the available EP Logic Ravaged By Brute Force.



Nuclear Blast have been around for ever (which in this instance is about 30 years). Not ordered anything from them in a long while but they were certainly reliable back in the day (i.e. the 90s).

Backlash Just Because is good.  My fave Napalm Death bits always involve bits of jangly, discordant guitar.  It's like a little bit of a Killing Joke influence.

Another new song from ND and I'm guessing the forthcoming album is aimed at a wider audience. The music and vocals are still loud as hell and there's a lot going on in the production, as always, but there's definitely an element of groove, not just on Backlash but also on the new song, Amoral.

Can't blame the guys if they going for more widespread appeal. Extreme Metal isn't exactly a money maker of a genre!

I could be wrong about the rest of the album and it may be, on the whole, faster and more intense than Apex..., which I enjoyed a lot. I'm not looking for Version 2 of that album but I still want a hell of a lot of fast and heavy.

Just to be clear - I do like the new material but 5 years between albums is a long time and I need more raging intensity in my life!


Greg M.:
Heading back more towards Fear, Emptiness, Despair and Diatribes?


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